Month – February 2014

Survey Says…

A member of our team recently conducted an informal survey of emergency managers and confirmed what many suspect. A group of approximately 1500 people associated with an online emergency management forum were invited to participate in the anonymous, online survey.  It contained 25 questions and took respondents an average of 14 minutes to complete it. […]

Are we Ready?

The national Ready Campaign ( recently turned ten years old. The campaign asks “Are you ready?” and provides information to get everyone thinking about disaster. It suggests people can do three things to get ready: stay informed, make a plan, and build a kit. As emergency managers, we’re obligated to ask ourselves similar questions. Is […]

Ready For Launch

A fire burns within. We know that police, firefighters, paramedics and others work to protect us each day. We know that one day, this will not be enough. We contemplate the worst emergencies and how they can overwhelm our communities. We inform, encourage, plan, train and exercise. We work with just about anyone to ensure the worst […]