Ready For Launch

A fire burns within. We know that police, firefighters, paramedics and others work to protect us each day. We know that one day, this will not be enough.

We contemplate the worst emergencies and how they can overwhelm our communities. We inform, encourage, plan, train and exercise. We work with just about anyone to ensure the worst never happens.

We’re a challenged lot. Few have so much responsibility and so little authority. We must accomplish 150 different outcomes by ourselves, with just a few staff or with volunteers we can find. We use foresight, organization, communication, imagination, judgment and relationships to succeed. We multi-task in ways that few can imagine.

We embrace these challenges, not for the sake of working hard, but because the result of effective emergency management is much greater than the sum of every response. We know that if we don’t do our jobs, others won’t be able to do theirs. People, property, and the environment may be harmed. So, we constantly look for better ways to perform our work.

Complete EM was created by emergency managers for emergency managers. We develop software solutions that focus on emergency management as a vital community enterprise, one deserving of state-of-the-art program management tools.

With this blog, we hope to advance ideas, solicit your input, and collectively advance the profession of emergency management. Our goal is to help emergency managers survive and thrive.

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