The Risk, Reward and Responsibility of Maintaining Local Emergency Code

Many emergency managers struggle with stakeholder engagement – getting people to participate in important program activities. Strong, broad, mutually-beneficial engagement is, of course, critical to emergency management program success.  Maintaining and adhering to city and county code is one of the easiest ways to ensure this vital engagement. Town councils, county commissions and boards enact […]

The Roles of EOCs, DOCs and ICPs

  My team works with many emergency managers who inherit programs and see an Emergency Operations Plan update as a way to reignite their program. There are better ways to do that, but for those who go the EOP route first, they sometimes get hung-up on organizing who goes where. Frankly, it doesn’t help when […]

Sirens Ring, Are You Listening?

  Winter storms sometimes evoke memories of emergency operations center (EOC) activations. The activations take time away from family and can stress relationships ‒ especially when the power is out at home and a spouse learns the EOC is “enjoying” generator power, catered food and plenty of television. The storms are often slow-moving and far-reaching. They […]

Is Time a Scarce Resource?

We regularly survey emergency managers to identify the training they feel is most important for success. This year, we again noticed a puzzling trend. Nearly all emergency managers continue to say they have far too much work, but about forty-percent say time and quality management is “not important.” We discussed the lack of interest in […]

Survey Says…

A member of our team recently conducted an informal survey of emergency managers and confirmed what many suspect. A group of approximately 1500 people associated with an online emergency management forum were invited to participate in the anonymous, online survey.  It contained 25 questions and took respondents an average of 14 minutes to complete it. […]

Are we Ready?

The national Ready Campaign ( recently turned ten years old. The campaign asks “Are you ready?” and provides information to get everyone thinking about disaster. It suggests people can do three things to get ready: stay informed, make a plan, and build a kit. As emergency managers, we’re obligated to ask ourselves similar questions. Is […]

Ready For Launch

A fire burns within. We know that police, firefighters, paramedics and others work to protect us each day. We know that one day, this will not be enough. We contemplate the worst emergencies and how they can overwhelm our communities. We inform, encourage, plan, train and exercise. We work with just about anyone to ensure the worst […]